Saturday, December 27, 2008

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX - News we can trust? ... not!

The following is an excerpt from WHO RUNS THE MEDIA? The Alarming Facts

"In the Oscar-winning movie "Network", Howard Beale, the "mad prophet of the airwaves," became consumed with the idea of exposing an insidious danger facing America: the take-over of American television by the Arabs."
"A terrifying prospect, isn't it? The great power of the networks, a power that invades almost every home in the country, the primary source by which we learn about the world, being dominated and controlled by a small, tightly-knit people whose attitudes and viewpoints may be dangerous to our well-being. Freedom of speech, the cornerstone of all our freedoms, would be worthless, because real freedom of speech in a modern world cannot be equated with having a few flyers printed. In 1789 a handbill was equivalent to a TV program of today because it was the best media available. In today's world, comparing a leaflet to a TV program is like comparing a skate board to a Cadillac. If a small group controlled access to major electronic and print media, it would be tantamount to no real freedom of expression."

"Howard Beale's nightmare has been realized. A tiny minority, the most cohesive and powerful in the world, has come to completely dominate American television. But it's not the Arabs..."click here to read rest of article.


  • Barry Diller (Jewish): The creator of the Fox Broadcasting Company.
  • Rupert Murdoch (Jewish): He is the major shareholder, chairman and managing director of News Corporation (News Corp = Fox News and more)



  • Laurence Tisch (Jewish): CEO from 1986 to 1995. Owned $24 million shares of CBS stock - 25% of the total stock which is a controlling interest. He named Howard Stringer president and Jeff Sagansky entertainment head - he determines what you will view each night on CBS.


  • Leonard Goldenson (Jewish): Chairman and founder of ABC. Stu Bloomberg in charge of "entertainment".

With all of what American's watch, read, and listen to being controlled by a very narrow group of people it would be too far fetched not to believe a plan is unfolding before our very eyes.

Stay tuned, same channel, same country, as the plot thickens.


Ted said...


Since the Supreme Court has now prevented itself from acknowledging the question of whether Barack H. Obama is or is not an Article II “natural born citizen” based on the Kenyan/British citizenship of Barack Obama’s father at the time of his birth (irrespective of whether Barack Obama is deemed a “citizen” born in Hawaii or otherwise) as a prerequisite to qualifying to serve as President of the United States under the Constitution -- the Court having done so at least three times and counting, first before the Nov 4 general election and twice before the Dec 15 vote of the College of Electors -- it would seem appropriate, if not necessary, for all Executive Branch departments and agencies to secure advance formal advice from the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel as to how to respond to expected inquiries from federal employees who are pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” as to whether they are governed by laws, regulations, orders and directives issued under Mr. Obama during such periods that said employees, by the weight of existing legal authority and prior to a decision by the Supreme Court, believe in good faith that Mr. Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen”.

Moreover, each and every member of Congress should be notified that he or she is personally liable (can be sued) for his or her own failure, or the same in conspiracy with other members, to perform what is a ministerial and constitutional duty, that is, to require and/or insist that Presidential electoral votes only be counted for candidates who are “natural born citizens” under Article II of the United States Constitution, the failure of which creates a cause of action for deprivation of claimants’ constitutional rights (as allowed under the Bivens case) against employees of the Federal Government, in this case, to a lawful President and Commander in Chief, and therefore, for deprivation of adequate continuation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic. The constitutionally tortious conduct is not subject to congressional immunity and would be the jettison of Article II of the Constitution by failure to stop and/or object to the counting of electoral votes for Barack H. Obama who has admitted that at the time of his birth his father was a Kenyan/British citizen and not a citizen of the United States of America.

Finally, if 1/20/09 comes and goes with a usurper in the Whitehouse (that is, Obama is definitely NOT an Article II “natural born citizen” -- dad Kenyan/British citizen at BHO’s birth -- albeit he MAY be a 14th Amendment “citizen”) with usurper enablers in Congress and the Supreme Court … God help us because many of the people will -- rightfully and under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence -- endeavor through other means to take back the Government from what is nothing less than a non-constitutional coup d’etat. (SCOTUS now does have the power to forestall that grim yet inevitable scenario, otherwise the blood and possible loss of our Constitutional Republic is SQUARELY ON THEIR HEADS.)

drook said...

Ted seems to be making a good point. For those of us more used to reading cereal boxes, I think Ted is saying the courts are not doing their job, and neither are the rest of the folks we put into office in good faith that they will put country first.
This being said, I believe the conclusion of Ted's accurate summation is the possibilty that blood may flow to bring this country back from the brink of collapse and that blood will be on the hands of those who have not done what they swore to do - to dutifully perform and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.

drook said...

Limbaugh is easy to figure. Call it loyalty to the paycheck. Check out who owns Clear Channel Communications, and make your own decision Posted by: OldUncleTom voices.washingtonpost

notswift said...

Well, actually Clear Channel Communications is a corporation which was founded by ... a Jewish man named Lowry Mays -- chairman of the board of Clear Channel Communications which operates about 1,225 radio stations and 39 television stations in the United States. Clear Channel Communications also operates more than 750,000 outdoor advertising displays in 66 countries and has equity interests in over 240 international radio stations.

This is becoming a very perplexing situation ... is everything we see, hear, and read in the hands of the Jewish media moguls? .. and, what does it mean?

Largest Election Fraud Case in the U.S.

"Hillary Clinton to be Exposed on the 'Wiley Drake Show' for the Investigation that fined Hillary's campaign for hiding more than 2 Million Dollars in under-reported contributions..."

"...the largest fundraising event of Hillary's campaign- Star-studded gala that upstaged Al Gore's victory party. The event became the focus of a criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton's finance director for election law fraud and an FEC investigation that fined Hillary's campaign for hiding more than $700,000 in under-reported contributions and expenditures. Peter Paul filed a landmark civil fraud suit against the Clintons that will be going to trial in 2008."

" is hard evidence and will reveal a lot about the Clintons.
These interviews are especially needed since Hillary wants Americans to put her back in the White House.
Drake says," we could not trust them then how can we trust them now" My International Radio Show will tell not only Americans but the whole world the real truth about Hillary Clinton from Court papers."

Click here for the complete story.

Obama's ACORN Voter Fraud

"ACORN calls itself a "nonpartisan" group seeking to register minorities and the poor. But its political arm has endorsed Barack Obama, who both trained the group's staff and sued the state of Illinois on their behalf. And Obama's campaign has given ACORN affiliates $800,000 for a get-out-the-vote drive."

Click here for the complete video ariticle.

Who Controls America's Media? (or, Who Tells You What You Need To Know To Vote Their Way?)

Once upon a time images -
A hospital was a place which meant healing, hope, and life. Now, if you are a very tiny person you might be targeted for murder (abortion) by a doctor, nurse, or pseudo-physician (abortionist).

A train conductor looking at a chained pocket watch in his hand meant that the trains always ran on schedule. Well, maybe this one is still intact, although, it is questionable whether or not you will ever in your lifetime ride a train to see if there actually are conductors who check the trains time.

A spinning newspaper headline filling a black and white television screen slanting to a stop with news you could trust. Now, like the paper we use for currency in America which has no gold backing anymore, it seems that the news headlines we see do not have any unbiased backing anymore.

The news seems to not be as informative as it is manipulative, if, even news at all! Just who is controlling what we need to know? Follow this link for clues (and names).