Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Controls Media Controls Election - Soros, Murdoch, Oprah, Geffen - S.M.O.G. liberal pollution!

Rupert Murdoch. Now, there is a name you don't hear everyday... but, you what you hear, read, and see in the media is controlled by him and a short list of others - George Soros, David Geffen, Oprah Wimphrey.

Murdoch links to Obama.

Hilary Rosen: Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win
May 29, 2008 ... Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win - The Huffington -

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch praises US presidential ...
May 30, 2008 ... News Corporation chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch has thrown his weight behind 'rock star' Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

D: Notebook - : Murdoch: Obama's a Rock Star
You can’t say that Rupert Murdoch can’t have a voice in our country because he wasn’t born here, when B. Hussein Obama spent much of his young life in ...

Digg - Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win..Almost Endorses
Carlsbad, CA -- At the "All Things Digital" conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch -- Chairman of News Corp, new WSJ owner, - Similar pages

Rupert Murdoch: Obama is a 'Rock Star', McCain Has 'Problems ...
Media baron Rupert Murdoch shared his views of the 2008 election with the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg Thursday at the paper's D6:

MarketWatch ’s Election Blog » Blog Archive » Murdoch could ...
May 29, 2008 ... Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp, says he could endorse Democratic Sen. Barack Obama for president in several of his newspapers,

Rupert Murdoch: Obama will ruin America's economy
Nov 3, 2008 ... NEWS Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch says B. Hussein Obama's economic solution is "crazy." His tax policies are not at all logical.

By the way... why would Murdoch want to endorse a candidate he believes will ruin America's economy?

D6: Rupert Murdoch for Obama? Not Quite…. But
May 28, 2008 ... Today at the D6:Conference, the corporate doyens and business leaders were out in full force, both on and off stage.

Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats Reuters
May 29, 2008 ... Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats ... Murdoch said Obama and John McCain, the expected nominee of the Republican Party,

Murdoch: Obama's economic policies are 'naive' --The Live Feed
Sep 19, 2008 ... Murdoch: Obama's economic policies are 'naive'. Murdoch_3 News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said he doesn't regret the New York

Sun Myung Moon and Rupert Murdoch Call Obama a Saudi-Funded ...
Jan 19, 2007 ... Two right-wing billionaires - Sun Myung Moon and Rupert Murdoch - teamed up today for a completely insane smear attack on Barack Obama.

Just who is Sun Myung Moon? and who says Murdoch is right wing and was the smear a ploy?

Rupert Murdoch Endorsing… Barack Obama? Indecision2008 Comedy ...
Barack Obama? POSTED BY: CubbyChaser. What the hell? Rupert Murdoch -- the Australian bazillionaire uber-conservative and Chairman of News Corp,

AFP: Murdoch says Obama win could worsen financial crisis: report
Oct 31, 2008 ... SYDNEY (AFP) — Global media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has warned that a win by Democratic hopeful Barack Obama in next week's US election could

Wouldn't a world wide financial crisis benefit insulated gazillionaires like Murdoch and Soros?

Rupert Murdoch Obama rockstar - 23/6 Comedy News
The conservative news network reacts poorly to Rupert Murdoch's love of Barack

With Obama, Murdoch Defies His Image -
Nov 17, 2008 ... The day before the election, The New York Post’s coverage of Barack Obama turned positive. Has Rupert Murdoch gone soft on liberals?

Rupert Murdoch's Daughter Holds Obama Fundraiser
Apr 1, 2008 ... Rupert Murdoch's Daughter Holds Obama Fundraiser - The Huffington

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Largest Election Fraud Case in the U.S.

"Hillary Clinton to be Exposed on the 'Wiley Drake Show' for the Investigation that fined Hillary's campaign for hiding more than 2 Million Dollars in under-reported contributions..."

"...the largest fundraising event of Hillary's campaign- Star-studded gala that upstaged Al Gore's victory party. The event became the focus of a criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton's finance director for election law fraud and an FEC investigation that fined Hillary's campaign for hiding more than $700,000 in under-reported contributions and expenditures. Peter Paul filed a landmark civil fraud suit against the Clintons that will be going to trial in 2008."

" is hard evidence and will reveal a lot about the Clintons.
These interviews are especially needed since Hillary wants Americans to put her back in the White House.
Drake says," we could not trust them then how can we trust them now" My International Radio Show will tell not only Americans but the whole world the real truth about Hillary Clinton from Court papers."

Click here for the complete story.

Obama's ACORN Voter Fraud

"ACORN calls itself a "nonpartisan" group seeking to register minorities and the poor. But its political arm has endorsed Barack Obama, who both trained the group's staff and sued the state of Illinois on their behalf. And Obama's campaign has given ACORN affiliates $800,000 for a get-out-the-vote drive."

Click here for the complete video ariticle.

Who Controls America's Media? (or, Who Tells You What You Need To Know To Vote Their Way?)

Once upon a time images -
A hospital was a place which meant healing, hope, and life. Now, if you are a very tiny person you might be targeted for murder (abortion) by a doctor, nurse, or pseudo-physician (abortionist).

A train conductor looking at a chained pocket watch in his hand meant that the trains always ran on schedule. Well, maybe this one is still intact, although, it is questionable whether or not you will ever in your lifetime ride a train to see if there actually are conductors who check the trains time.

A spinning newspaper headline filling a black and white television screen slanting to a stop with news you could trust. Now, like the paper we use for currency in America which has no gold backing anymore, it seems that the news headlines we see do not have any unbiased backing anymore.

The news seems to not be as informative as it is manipulative, if, even news at all! Just who is controlling what we need to know? Follow this link for clues (and names).